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Organic Growth

The foundation for success

Adam Bremner is a sixth generation farmer at Wombat Forest Organics, near Daylesford in Central Victoria. The 740 acre organic farm primarily produces potatoes, namely Dutch Cream and Sebago, as well as strawberries and carrots.

Organic farming comes with a separate set of guidelines to conventional farming and has different needs and priorities. Mr Bremner said soil is the foundation of organic farming and all farms must pass stringent testing requirements to ensure the soil is clean, with no chemical residue.

“You have to get everything right in the soil first before you even plant a crop,” Mr Bremner said.
“In an organic system, it takes time to get the correct soil fertility levels and disease instances down. If you have healthy soil, you’ll end up with a successful crop.


“In conventional farming, there are a lot of tools available to change nutrient levels in soil without necessarily changing the soil health – in an organic system you have to work from the ground up,” Mr Bremner said.

To help manage the health of the farm’s soil, Mr Bremner purchased a Kubota RM3005V 3 furrow reversible plough, ensuring topsoil remains at the top of the slope, instead of going with gravity and falling underneath.

“I always get the best quality products, because then you only have to buy it once, and Kubota makes the superior product,” Mr Bremner said.

“In our operation, the reversible plough pays us back in time efficiency. It allows you to start at one end of the paddock and keep going to the end, you don’t have to strike out as you go along – which saves time and money,” Mr Bremner said.

“The plough turns the sod well and does a nice, neat job. You get good coverage and good burial. It’s very solidly built, it’s strong, it’s the sort of plough you buy that you know is going to last a lifetime,” Mr Bremner said. The product is not the only benefit; the service provided has ensured he’s happy to stay loyal.

“While I already knew about reversible ploughs, since I’ve had one previously, Kubota still take the time to come out, set it up and run through it to make sure you’re happy with it – and then they contact you again to check everything is still going okay and leave the line of contact open,” Mr Bremner said.

While only new to the brand, Mr Bremner already has plans to expand his collection with a small excavator to help out with odd jobs on the farm.

“My Kubota plough is everything I could hope for,” Mr Bremner said.


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