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ISSUE 2 March 2023


Overcoming adversity in Lismore, NSW

Pigeon Island tractor delivery

Wombat forest organic farming

Constructing better mental health

Matt Watson building his dream home

The new U10-5 compact excavator

Qualipac’s seeding success

Rowan farms reliable brand choice

Land Pride’s new land tiller

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Featured Stories

ISSUE 2 March 2023

Ongmac Rise Above

Rebuilding after the Lismore floods
Kubota dealer Ongmac shows how strength and optimism overcome adversity, even when your business is 14m underwater.

Organic Growth

Wombat Forest Organics
6th Generation Organic farmer Adam Bremner knows the importance of laying a good foundation.

Carrier to Pigeon

Tractor delivery to Pigeon Island
Due to limited access the new maintenance team member at Pigeon Island made quite an entrance.

Planting with Precision

Seeding success
From pumpkin to onion, broccoli and more, Qualipac agriculture are taking advantage of Kubota’s Geoseed technology to plant with precision.

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